Actx Network is great choice for those looking for support and accountability while maintaining the flexibility of a nondenominational ministry. It’s not that we are opposed to denominations at all. Praise God for all the Bible-believing, gospel-preaching churches out there who have advanced the work of God’s mission through their denominations. I am personally indebted to John Wesley and A.B. Simpson, whom the Lord used to establish new Christ-centered, Spirit-filled churches across the world.

Like myriads of leaders in the past, we believe there are times for new works, and that starting a ministry allows for versatility and new growth. I like the way Ed Stetzer said it in his book, Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters Become Movement Makers, “Consolidating power and merely delegating responsibilities are sufficient ways to maintain a single community, but they are terrible ways to exponentially reproduce Christian community. Movements occur only when the disempowered are given the freedom and responsibility to lead, along with the accountability to make it happen.”


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