As the morning sun begins peeking over the tree line, you notice its warmth on your cold, red checks. It’s a beautiful morning to be out in the deer stand. You’ve been prepared for this day for months and dreamed of the BIG ONE coming within range of a good shot. Sure enough, you here a crack to your left; you slowly, with shifting eyes, look to see if it’s your trophy buck, and it is! Your heart begins to pound in your chest and you’re thinking through your next series of motions to get your bow drawn and take aim. The target walks thirty yards right in front of you. You slowly and meticulously pull up, draw your bow and aim, then the release. The arrow hits its mark, and your trophy sixteen pointer is down.

What was it that allowed such a perfect strike? Of course, practice and preparation are keys to any hope of a successful hunt, but just as important is the equipment that you’re using. Let’s look at the arrow and how it relates to a successful church and ministry.

First of all, we need a target. In order to shoot the arrow, we need something to shoot at. Imagine with me that the target is, simply, our vision. What is your vision? What are you aiming for? What are your goals for the future?

Imagine with me that the shaft of the arrow is our mission, that which will move us and our ministries toward our goal. How will you achieve your goals? How will you get where you want to go? Each of us needs to have a clear mission to get to the target.

The vision, or target, of Actx Network is to become an Acts 1:8 movement, multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches wherever the Lord leads. Our mission is to bring glory to God by daily living the Great Commandment and Great Commission through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then there’s the arrowhead; that’s our leaders. They are the ones that are out front, leading the charge, continually pointing everyone towards the vision.

There’s one crucial piece yet to mention: the feathers. It will not matter one bit how well-prepared you are, what kind of equipment you carry, how straight the shaft is, or how sharp the arrowhead is if you don’t have the feathers. The feathers are what keep the arrow on course. They guide the mission and ultimately guide the arrow to its target. The feathers are our core values. Core values are both convictions and enduring beliefs, and the best measurement of values is behavior.

At Actx Network, we believe in following the values and behavior of Jesus. Between the lines of the gospels, Jesus was teaching us His core values in a cyclical multiplication model seen in connecting people to God through salvation in Him; building them up in their faith in Him; equipping them to do ministry for Him; multiplying themselves through reproducing disciples, leaders, and churches for Him; and sending them in His power to use their gifts to Glorify Him and edify His church.

Connecting, building, equipping, multiplying, sending. Let’s hit the target together.


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